SHRD Working within the coordination of CDF in the most remote and marginalized area of South Punjab in habited by the mostly illiterate masses, the CDF works to promote the awareness about the importance of education through establishing NFBE (Non formal basic Education)home schools and enhancing teacher`s capacities by involving local communities, villages education committees, mobilizing District Government officials to ensure the staff strength and regularity at school level for this purpose.

Star International School in 2009:

The school was started with the aim to provide quality education to the poor families who      cannot afford the fee of standard schools.

  • To impart education to the poor and deprive segment of society
  • More than 200 students has passed Metric from star school
  • The process is ongoing.

The school is a self- sustainable project which is providing education services in the area through maintaining the quality of education.

Promotion of Education:

SHRD has Distributed Books, copies and small item of school hold to the poor and needy children in Islamabad to make them able to get their education in the line of our Education promoting program.

The project was financed by one of the UK Christian organization with around 1.5 million       rupees and SHRD has been accommodated around  200 school going children with their basic school needs.

As education is a stream line issue within the Pakistan and SHRD has always tries to uplift this issue at every occasion or stage where get opportunity to raise our voice, and always tries to divert even international community attention towards this issue in Pakistan because illiteracy is one of the biggest and basic issue of Pakistan which leads to people of Pakistan towards crimes, murders, force marriages and removing of basic rights of human who got power.

SHRD is looking to strive bigger resources into Pakistan in accordance of promoting education at every level so that people of Pakistan can get access of standard education specially 250 million children of Pakistan who are unable to go to school because of less resources and awareness.







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