Strategies of Objectives

  1. Facilitate the provision of basic health and education services, by ensuring the functioning and strengthening of health and education facilities.
  2. Empower deprive segment of society women, children, farmers to their basic rights.
  3. To alleviate extreme poverty through strengthening the indigenous livelihood mechanism, microfinance and building of community physical infrastructure.
  4. To undertake policy level research, advocacy and provide capacity building opportunities to the civil society organizations and government institutions through Research and Resources Development Centre (RRDC).
  5. Work through government, civil society organizations, and international community to strive Afghan Refugees for their basic rights and strengthen their resources.


  • Capacity building
  • Technical and financial
  • Research and knowledge building
  • Networking and advocacy

Core values:

  • Peace and democracy
  • Religious and cultural freedom
  • Gender equality
  • Decentralization of power and resources
  • Regional cooperation
  • Refugees

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