What is Talent Development?

Talent development is the process of changing an organization, its employees, its stakeholders, and groups of people within it, using planned and unplanned learning, in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the organization/society.

Like most things, talent can’t be developed overnight. It takes mentoring, coaching, training. If you don’t carve out time and dedicate it to talent development, chances are people will be constantly caught up in day-to-day activities and every small crisis that comes up in the normal work day. Consider setting aside time each month for structured talent development. When you come up with a plan, commit to it and don’t let everyday activities take priority over your long-term investment in talent.

It’s easy to identify skills that people have, but when you’re developing talent it’s important to focus on, well, talent. Talents are natural; skills come from honing a craft. Someone may be very skilled but still not right for talent development. Success comes from a combination of hard work, dedication, passion and vision

SHRD aiming to developed the talent amongst the youngsters/youth of Pakistan and capitalizing the different segments of society in the promotion of liberalism, so people of the rest of the world feel comfortable while dealing with the people of Pakistan in every field of life, particularly sports/games, music, cultural & heritage and entrepreneurial business skills.

SHRD California’s office is looking forward to work for promotions of talent of the people of Pakistan. It is more often that people of Pakistan are talented already, however SHRD is initially focusing on musical aspects and business entrepreneurship while arranging concerts, singing, instrumental, competitions, exhibitions, vocals, compositions. For the segment of business entrepreneurships property expos, business proposals, investment plans, awareness campaigns, encouragements, trade exhibitions while bringing the people of Pakistan and USA more closely to avoiding the distances.


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